Let us be about the business of restoring life

With the coronavirus shutting so many things down, and with the Center for Disease Control encouraging us to stay away from each other, and with people fearfully hoarding some of the basic necessities of life, we need to remember the importance of caring for the individuals around us.  The news talks about statistics and percentages, but each unique persons needs to experience human connection and concern.

In an article entitled “Why People Need People: The Myth of Solitude,” Jenev Caddell writes, “More and more research in the fields of neurobiology and psychology is demonstrating how we are more connected and interdependent than we have ever realized.  The front of our brains have special neurons called ‘mirror neurons’ that exist to help us understand and empathize with one another.  We are a social species, and the truth is, we need each other to survive.  All of the technology that exists has not eradicated that need from our basic biology.”

Maddie and Tae sing a song that states,

People need people when the highs get low

The world’s a bit too heavy for one shoulder to hold

The strongest souls still wear out and the hardest hearts still break

Sometimes you ain’t all right and sometimes that’s okay

So if you’re asking me

People need people

Somebody to call when you’re too close to the edge

Somebody to catch you when you’re dancing on a ledge

Somebody to pray for you, someone that you can pray for

To need and to be needed, oh, I believe it’s what we were made for

Many years ago a Japanese magazine published an issue with the picture of a butterfly on one page.  The page and the butterfly were a dull grey…until the reader placed a hand over the picture.  The warmth of a hand caused special inks in the printing to react, and the butterfly was transformed into a rainbow of flashing color.  It was the human touch that brought the butterfly to “life.”

Though we are encouraged to avoid making physical touch with others in the midst of this pandemic, there are other ways in which we can touch a person’s soul and renew life to their spirit.

  • A phone call or text
  • A kind word (Proverbs 16:24 says, “Kind words are like honey—sweet to the soul and healthy for the body.)
  • A good deed
  • A caring favor
  • A bouquet of flowers from your yard
  • Delivering groceries
  • A listening ear
  • A prayer

At a time like this, when so much in our nation is pushing us apart, what difference it can make—what life it can bring to a soul—if we reach out to one another.


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