Who Am I?


Who am I?

Edward Dahlberg once reflected, “At 19, I was a stranger to myself.  At 40, I asked, ‘Who am I?’  At 50, I concluded I would never know.”

Who am I?  Who are you?

The Bible begins with a reflection on that question.  In Genesis 1:27 God declares that human life is made in the image of God.

What does that say about who we are?  What does it mean to us that we are made in the image of God?

Essential to understanding the nature of God are 1 John 4:8 and the doctrine of the Trinity.

1 John 4:8 announces succinctly, “God is love.”  The doctrine of the Trinity reveals a God who lives forever in the realm of love.  Throughout eternity, the Father has loved and will continue to love Jesus and the Holy Spirit; Jesus has loved and will continue to love the Father and the Holy Spirit; and the Holy Spirit has loved and will continue to love the Father and Jesus.

When humankind was formed in the image of God, we were formed out of God’s eternal love, and we were formed for participation in that love.  We are designed to enjoy the love God has given and received since before time began!  We are designed to join in this love.  We are designed for a loving relationship with God!

No wonder David proclaims in Psalm 42:1-2, “As the deer pants for streams of water, so I long for you, O God.  I thirst for God, the living God.”  We find our identity and our fulfillment in relationship with God.

And, being made in the image of the God, who gave His life for this world, we are designed to love others and to be loved by others.  Personal identity and fulfillment are never found apart from loving others and being loved.



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