Reflections on Iona


Reflections on Iona

I left Iona about a week ago. I have been through many rich experiences since then but wanted to hold off on my comments about Iona until I could post a picture. Finally I am in a coffee shop that has good enough wi-fi connection to allow me to post piictures. So here are some brief reflections on my time in Iona.

At first I felt somewhat awkward and out of place on Iona, for I seemed to be the only theologically conservative person in the community. But when you work on a job together (which is required of everyone participating in the Iona community), and when you laugh together (at such things as Crazy Hat Night when we all showed up wearing hats of our own creation), and when you dance together (at the Ceilidh one night), and when you worship together (as we did each morning and evening), you become well-connected with each other despite differences.

One of the great joys for me at Iona was the opportunity to love other people by listening well, by helping out, and by taking a genuine interest in them. It felt good to confirm that I love others not because we agree theologically or anything like that, but just because the God who loves and reaches out to everyone in the world is establishing some of His love in me, His child.

Another great blessing of Iona was the opportunity to be enriched by some wonderful times of worship, some of which included new and creative approaches to worship. I hope I can bring back some of that creativity so as to help people become more engaged in worship.

One more benefit of my time on Iona is that it gave me opportunity to consider thoughtfully why I disagreed with the speaker on theological matters, what were the important issues he brought up that need to be addressed, and how I would approach such issues from a very different theological framework.


3 responses to “Reflections on Iona”

  1. jimerdman says :

    Good to see that you are able to stretch yourself. Thanks for the blog reports. Haven’t missed one yet.

  2. Peter says :

    This post reminds me of how I felt at Westminster Woods

  3. Nancy says :

    I can identify with Peter’s comment.

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